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Greetings, my name is Veronica and welcome to my Pawana Soap page.

It all started with the interest of making my own soaps, because I have sensitive and combination skin. The soaps used in the market tend to dry out and did not meet my needs. With this desperate fact, the interest in exploring the natural world is born. I began to educate myself on the subject and to create my own soaps. I loved how it improved the appearance and texture of my skin. The interest in creating them for use in my home increased. I began to share my creations with my brothers and sisters, having good observations. With the desire to want to climb to another level, apart from enjoying the process, the interest of wanting to market what I produce is born. Regardless of the fact that many more people do it, because regardless of the fact that there is so much demand for elaboration in it, there is countless variety that can be created soaps, from styles, colors, ingredients, aromas, etc.

The name Pawana comes from the name of my daughters who are the primary reason for progressing and not stagnating. 

I hope you enjoy them as I and my family do.

Thank you for your support.



Veronica Carrasquillo 



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